Saturday, May 16, 2009

Collins making an impression

      Any time the Dodgers travel east of Denver, Vin Scully stays home. With the team playing games on its current trip in Philadelphia and Florida, it gives L.A. listeners a chance to hear Eric Collins, Scully's replacement on television.
       When Collins debuted in Houston last month, the complaint was that one couldn't tell  between his voice and that of his partner, Steve Lyons. They sounded the same. But in the Phillies' series and Friday night in Miami, Collins' play-by-play work was more distinctive, while Lyons slowed down his commentary. The pair showed signs of a developing into a viable broadcast team.
        Collins worked at ESPN, covering college baseball and softball, and won a Dodger tryout during spring training that involved several other broadcasters. With Scully, who recently turned 80, cutting back his travel schedule, Dodger officials  hope that Collins will appeal to a wide audience that would include Scully fans and younger listeners.

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