Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Leno in prime-time
For the television critics who complained in today's papers and TV morning talk shows that Jay Leno's new program on Monday night at 10 resembled his old "Tonight Show" regime, what were they expecting? The Smothers Brothers? Did they want Leno to sing and dance? He did his stand-up monologue, a comedian's bread and butter. His guests included Jerry Seinfeld, who was very funny, and Kanye West, with whom Leno had a serious talk about West's peculiar behavior at the MTV Video awards. And the show's in-house band sounded terrific.
Leno is a smart guy and he's a good writer. This show is going to be a hit. It just needs to get its legs on solid entertainment ground. As for the skeptics, maybe television has brainwashed us with too many hokey reality series and game shows to remember what a good variety show was and still can be.

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