Friday, June 18, 2010

Championship observations
Ron Artest became a member of the Lakers' All-Defense Club last night, joining the likes of Michael Cooper, Jerry West, Happy Hairston and Kurt Rambis...
The late Jim Murray used to ask of a visiting NBA team, "Who's in the pivot?" The Boston Celtics wouldn't have had an answer for him.
The number 32 once again played a big part in the Lakers' second consecutive NBA title. Magic Johnson was in the ABC broadcast booth, the Lakers shot 32% from the field, but grabbed 32 offensive rebounds....If Los Angeles shoots 50%, the game is a blowout.
Doc Rivers should be coach of the year. He guided the fourth-seeded team in the playoffs to within four points of winning its second title in two years.
It wasn't a game-clincher, but Derek Fisher's two-point basket, set up during a time-out in the second half, may have turned the game around for L.A. Fisher came off the baseline, took the pass and quickly hit an 18-footer.
Owner Jerry Buss seemed more emotional in accepting the NBA Finals trophy than in any previous Lakers championship win.

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