Friday, July 9, 2010

Fallout from LeBron's departure
As the fans in Cleveland tear out their hair over LeBron James' leaving for the Miami Heat, the real winners in this free agent melodrama are the NBA, and the Cavaliers.
With the Boston Celtics fading away with aging players and little chance to beat younger teams, especially from the Western Conference such as Oklahoma City and the Lakers, who demonstrated this reality last month in the NBA Finals, the league now retains some kind of balance of power between the conferences with James joining Pat Riley's crew in South Beach.
There was a lot of wailing and moaning today in the media about how James was a traitor and had betrayed his hometown. The people in Cleveland must enjoy losing because the Cavs were never going to win a championship with King James on their court.
Hurt feelings go away real fast when your team starts winning games. We'll see how good the Cavs' front office is in building a quality club that newcomer Byron Scott can coach. In the meantime, good luck to LeBron who now gets to learn how to share the ball with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. The guy wants to win a title but moving on to warmer climes doesn't guarantee a ring. When Kareem left Milwaukee for the Lakers, he floundered for years until Magic Johnson showed up. When Wilt left Philadelphia for the Lakers, he still couldn't beat the Celtics.
The executive offices of the NBA were probably filled with the sound of clinking glasses last night in anticipation of what might come.

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