Wednesday, January 26, 2011

63 years ago

Today is my birthday, Jan. 26, 1948, so I looked up some of the other significant events that happened that year. In no particular order came these highlights:
The Winter Olympics took place in St. Mortiz
Israel became an independent state
The Berlin blockade began
President Truman signed the Marshall Plan
The military draft was resumed for only the second time in peacetime
The Summer Olympics took place in London
The Cleveland Indians beat the Boston Red Sox in the World Series, 4-2
An earthquake in Fukui, Japan caused over 25,000 casualties
Czechoslovakia became a Communist state
The Civil Air Patrol was established under the guidance of the Air Force
The Cleveland Browns went undefeated and won the NFL championship
And, the Kinsey Report was published.
So, I hope everyone else has a great day today, too.

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