Saturday, May 21, 2011

'A Halo Over Every Base'

That was one of former Angels' broadcaster Dick Enberg's signature calls when the Angels would load the bases during a game. And last night, the Angels, in an interleague match-up against the Atlanta Braves, wore their early '60s uniforms that included the white halo and red "L.A." logo on their caps.


add Angels: When Gene Autry moved the team from Los Angeles to Anaheim after the 1965 season, the club changed its cap logo to "CA", signifying "California Angels." The over-sized "A" on the new uniforms was a salute to the City of Anaheim and the new ballpark which was affectionately called "The Big A."


Bowled over: Jay Christensen, on his website, offers an in-depth study of the financial strains that are put on a university's athletic program when its football team is invited to play in a post-season game.
With information on 56 of the 70 teams that played in bowl games last season, the report focuses on the financial burden these schools come under when they must comply with the rules set up by each bowl's committee, especially when it must guarantee the sale of its allotted number of tickets and travel expenses for fans, school administrators and students.
Here is the link to the two-part report:

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