Saturday, July 13, 2013

L.A.'s Missing Team

With the San Francisco 49ers now building a new stadium in Santa Clara and the seemingly endless yet empty buzz of a new stadium being erected in several locations in Southern California, including downtown, a newspaper story a few days ago speculated about the St. Louis Rams chances of returning to Los Angeles.
The Rams' last season in the city was 1979, when they played in the Coliseum and then moved south to Anaheim where the club retained the affiliate "Los Angeles" but as time went on  lost its support from its once-loyal fan-base on the city's Westside and Hollywood.
It is peculiar that the Rams would consider moving back to Los Angeles because the big factor that drove owner Carroll Rosenbloom to move his team out 35 years ago is still in existence, that being the city government's political gamesmanship and the wishful thinking that the league or someone very rich will step forward and finance a new stadium project without the taxpayers getting stuck with the bill.


add Rams: When the team was Los Angeles' NFL franchise, it would open its summer training camp at Cal State Fullerton about this time of year.  The cosmetic stories about Baseball's All-Star Game and the off-season trials of the coming-and-going of NBA players and coaches would have to compete for newspaper space and TV airtime with the highly anticipated Rams news and upcoming season.

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