Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No All-Star performance
      A recent item in the Los Angeles Times sports section said that Manny Ramirez, who is currently serving a 50-game suspension for violating baseball's drug policy, is among the outfielder leaders in voting for the National League All-Star team.
      Pardon me if I sound a little naive, but since when does a guy who is trying to cheat his way into the Hall of Fame deserve to be on the All-Star team, or, for that matter, be honored with any accolade? That's like a guy who robs a bank and when he gets out of jail they give him a new Cadillac.
      Shouldn't the players who don't use drugs and who are having good seasons be considered first? What about the guy who is taking Ramirez's place in left field on the Dodgers? As of this morning, Juan Pierre is batting .394. When Ramirez was put on suspension he was batting almost 100 points less. Last night against the Colorado Rockies, Pierre went 3 for 5, scored 2 runs and knocked in 2 more. One of his hits was a triple. Pierre can run and each time he gets on base he is a threat to steal.
       It doesn't matter where Manager Joe Torre puts Pierre in the lineup. Whether it's first, second or ninth, Pierre produces.
       The Dodgers are in first place in the NL West by 8 1/2 games. They have the best record in baseball. For their Freeway Series against the Angels last weekend, Dodger Stadium was packed. 
        In the long run the Dodgers are better off without Ramirez. Some might argue that he draws people to the ballpark, but the Dodgers have never had a problem putting fans in the seats. They regularly set attendance records long before Manny came to town.
        Ramirez is scheduled to work out at the team's spring training complex in Arizona while he serves his suspension. If he stayed there for the rest of the season, would anyone really miss him?

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