Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here comes September
The wildest part of the sports calendar is about to hit with baseball, college and pro football, U.S. Open tennis and NHL and NBA training camps all about to collide on the front pages of sports sections and who would have thought the Dodgers would be in the race for the playoffs?
Maybe General Manager Ned Colletti knows what he's doing. The players that he has signed or acquired since the July 31 trading deadline--Ted Lilly, Ryan Theriot, Scott Podsednik, Rod Barajas and Jay Gibbons have kept the club in the Wild Card race and if somebody can beat the St. Louis Cardinals, the Dodgers could be playing in the post-season.


add Dodgers: With announcer Vin Scully deciding to return next season to the broadcast booth, maybe Manger Joe Torre will follow Scully's lead, especially if the team makes the playoffs. One wonders if Don Mattingly is ready to take over for Torre, even if Mattingly is set to manage in the Arizona Fall League. There is a lot to be decided, and as Scully said during last night's game in Colorado, the Wild Card picture will be a clearer after the Dodgers play the Phillies and Giants next week.

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