Monday, August 30, 2010

Nuggets from the 'Feed' bag
It's somewhat ironic that Manny Ramirez will be playing for the Chicago White Sox. According to news reports, Ramirez has been claimed by the Pale Hose after the Dodgers put the controversial slugger on waivers last week. The White Sox and the Dodgers have done business before. Former Dodger left fielder Juan Pierre now plays on Chicago's South Side, as does former first baseman Paul Konerko. Dodger outfielder Scott Podsednik once played for the White Sox, in 2005 when the team won the World Series.
So Pierre and Ramirez are teammates again, only this time Juan will not have to give up his position to Manny. When Ramirez was suspended for 50 games last season for testing positive for drugs, Pierre played left field and was a force in the lineup. When Ramirez came back Pierre went to the bench. But in Chicago, Ramirez will be the designated hitter.


add Manny: Putting the suspension, the times spent on the disabled list, the hoopla that was Mannywood, the dread-lock wigs and the baggy pants aside, Ramirez easily was the best right-handed hitter the Dodgers ever had. Cey and Garvey and Pedro Guerrero and Tommy Davis and Gary Sheffield all could hit, but not like Ramirez, who could take over a game and a season like no Dodger. The last six weeks of 2008 are an unforgettable example.


USC in Hawaii: Since 1999, the Trojans have played the Rainbow Warriors three times and have scored an average of 61 points each game. It's doubtful that the 2010 USC offense can muster that much in the two teams' season opener this Thursday in Honolulu. So far in training camp, the Trojans offense has been a work in progress, beset by injuries, fights and suspensions. Sophomore Matt Barkley leads the charge at quarterback with fourth-year junior Marc Tyler getting the starting nod at tailback.


add USC: In 1978, USC sent a team loaded with All-Americans to Honolulu to play Hawaii on a December night, which was the final game of the regular season that year. The Trojans went into the game overconfident and ran into a Warriors buzz saw. The final score was 21-5, USC, but for a long time the game was in doubt, causing much consternation among the Cardinal & Gold faithful on the mainland for several hours.

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