Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nuggets from the 'Feed' bag
Overheard in the sports department:
USC has put the lid on boosters traveling with the football team this season. In the past, members of the prestigious Cardinal & Gold Club were allowed to fly on the team plane to an away game of their choice, usually a glamour match-up such as at Columbus, Ohio, where the Trojans played Ohio State last season, or at South Bend, Ind., for USC's every-other-year encounter with Notre Dame.
The upcoming season's road schedule isn't that attractive, anyway, with non-conference games at Minnesota and Hawaii, plus Pac-10 encounters at Washington State, Oregon State and Stanford.


add sports department: The L.A. Times and the Tribune Co. are having monetary issues with the Associated Press, and the paper is seriously considering dropping the AP's major league box scores from its baseball pages, and replacing them with boxes provided by The Sports Network.
So far, the test boxes from TSN are mediocre at best and readers of that daily report would be cheated out of what they are used to and expect to get from a first-class sports section.


add USC: In a step to restore it's vaunted baseball program, Heritage Hall fired coach Chad Kreuter and replaced him with Frank Cruz, who will be what the athletic department calls "an interim coach" for the 2011 season.
Cruz had been an unpaid assistant coach under Kreuter and formerly coached at Loyola Marymount. More than one eyebrow was raised on the copydesk when USC made this announcement. The editors who follow college baseball say Cruz won't make fans forget Rod Dedeaux or even Mike Gillespie. On he field, he is reportedly known for a tempestuous attitude--toward his own players.

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