Thursday, August 12, 2010

Patio patter
At an Encino hangout over the weekend, an older member of the Cardinal & Gold, one of the bigger booster clubs connected with USC, had heard some rumblings from fellow members about new football coach Lane Kiffin. The word throughout the ranks is that Kiffin is viewed as "a loose cannon," and will be lucky to hang on to his job for the remainder of his contract years. The opinion is based on Kiffin's raid on the Tennessee Titans' coaching staff where he enticed Kennedy Pola, a former USC running back, to leave Nashville where he worked for Jeff Fisher, and also Kiffin's less-than-graceful departure from his job at Tennessee. The man is not a popular person in the Volunteer State.
C&G members have heard rumors of J.K. McKay, who now works for new athletic director Pat Haden, as being a leading candidate to replace Kiffin. McKay has the name but also has virtually no coaching experience. These days, USC athletics, especially the football and basketball programs, resemble little of the school's vaunted sports legacy.

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