Saturday, September 18, 2010

From Mannywood to Donnywood
Well, did Joe Torre have his fill of Frank and Jamie McCourt and the Dodgers' version of "Days of Our Lives" or has he gotten a better offer to move on to another team? In anycase, L.A. gets Don Mattingly as Torre's replacement for 2011 and we'll see if a Donnywood Sign replaces Manny Ramirez's profile on buildings across town.


add Mattingly: There was sorrow and woe emitting from Dodger fans in newspaper columns this morning, with letters wailing about Mattingly's lack of managerial experience and how come Ned Colletti didn't hire Tim Wallach, the manager at Triple A Albuquerque.
As is the norm with fans and front office executives, both have short-term memories and hasn't Mattingly been at Torre's side in the dugout for years, winning pennants and World Series titles?
It seems another former player took over a team when the coaching staff was in turmoil and some players were on the verge of revolting. He went on to lead his team to at least five World Championships in Los Angeles after never spending a day as a head coach. His name is Pat Riley and he is in the Lakers' history books.


add Dodgers: It was a bit of a surprise that Torre didn't step aside like Walter Alston did for Tommy Lasorda in 1976 and let Mattingly manage the rest of the season. The winter will belong to Colletti who must make some trades, sign key players who will become free agents and acquire a solid fifth starting pitcher, all while the angst of the McCourts divorce keeps the team in the news.

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