Thursday, September 2, 2010

September, football and the McCourts
Everybody talks about Manny Ramirez quitting on the Dodgers, and now he has company in Andy Roddick, who laid a big egg last night at the U.S. Open, losing in the second round to Janko Tipsarevic, a Serb who is ranked No. 44. Roddick lost his cool over a foot-fault called on him and he let the match and any chance for a U.S. player winning the championship get away.


That back to school feeling: You know it is September in the Valley when it is hot, the air is dry but not uncomfortable. Yellow school buses dot Ventura Blvd. in the early morning and the stores have pencils, notebooks and lunch boxes stacked at the doorways. There were seven high school football games played last night, early Wednesday games all in the City Section, including big wins by Dorsey and Fremont.

add Ventura Blvd: The construction of mix-use buildings continues on the Encino section of the Valley's most famous street with apartments and shops going up in three locations. The first, at Woodley and Ventura includes living quarters over a handy Wal-greens drug store and John O'Groats bar and grill, which has outdoor seating under some of the boulevard's few Oak trees. The second is a couple blocks west where the old Encino Theater once stood, between Libbit and Noeline. And the third, the largest of the projects is under construction just west of Petit Ave., across the street from the Mercedes Benz dealership. The apartments section backs up to Oak View Drive, the street where Clark Gable's old house can still be seen.


Dodgers blues: The way the McCourts divorce trial is going, it is looking quite possible that both Jamie and Frank will each get half of the ownership, which means they'll most likely have to sell the club It's hard to believe that a team that draws nearly 4 million fans a year is run by a man who has let the Dodgers slip into the red by 430 million dollars.

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