Monday, October 25, 2010

Another wacky weekend
What has the BCS got against Oregon and Boise State? Although the Broncos had the weekend off (Boise St. plays tomorrow night against Louisiana Tech) the Ducks rolled UCLA, 60-13, last Thursday and are ranked No. 1 on all the voters polls. Boise State is No. 2 but here comes the BCS lineup yesterday with Auburn, who barely skipped past LSU, as the No. 1 team in the land.

Last week, it was Oklahoma as the BCS' computers pick for a few days until the Sooners were run out of Columbia, Mo., by the Missouri Tigers, who were ranked No. 18 by the Associated Press.

This weekend, Oregon comes to Los Angeles to play the USC Trojans, who all must have gulped in unison when they watched the Ducks steamroll the Bruins defense, prompting one UCLA defender to pronounce his team's effort "pathetic." This Saturday is homecoming for USC but Oregon has a distinct connection with Southern California with many of its athletes and students recruited from L.A. schools. There should be a lot of green and yellow colors among the Cardinal and Gold in the Coliseum for the 5 p.m. kickoff.


add college football: Navy's 38-17 victory over Notre Dame Saturday was the Midshipmen's third-straight victory against the Irish. The last time that Navy won three in a row against the Golden Domers was in 1963, when Roger Staubach was at the helm of the Navy offense. He also won the Heisman Trophy that year as a junior.


West Coast World Series: You can't help rooting for the S.F. Giants even if you're from L.A. and are a Dodgers fan. San Francisco's upset victory against the Philadelphia Phillies for the National League pennant was one of baseball's biggest of all time, put together by good pitching and a collection of throwaway players that meshed with a solid bullpen and a young phenom catcher named Buster Posey. And to think the Dodgers once had outfielder Cody Ross, who turned out to be the MVP of the series.


add Series: You have to think that many Angels fans will be rooting for the Texas Rangers because of catcher Bengie Molina, slugger Vlad Guerrero and owner Nolan Ryan, all former Angels. Guerrero, who has been the Rangers DH this season, will most likely have to play in the outfield when the Series starts Wednesday in San Francisco's AT&T park.

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