Tuesday, November 2, 2010

World Series Aftermath

What's remarkable about the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series in five games is that it is a team with average hitting, at best, that first beat the Philadelphia Phillies in the NLCS , who were supposed to have superior pitching, and then the Texas Rangers, the American League's top hitting club (.277 team average), who arguably also had the best left-hander in the game in Cliff Lee.

Jim Murray, the late L.A. Times sports columnist, would have had some fun writing about the Giants players, especially the ones named Aubrey, Madison and Buster....

If the Dodgers thought they had their worked cut out for them before the 2010 regular season ended, the sudden emergence of Madison Bumgarner into the San Francisco rotation has really made the hole that L.A. is in much deeper than imagined. It is hard to see the Dodgers, who have uncertainty ahead as the team awaits the McCourt's divorce settlement, doing any serious shopping in the free agent market....

It was classy to see Nolan Ryan, and his wife Ruth, congratulate Giants Manager Bruce Bochy while his team celebrated on the field after the final out.

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